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Download Anjali Old Lipi Malayalam font with Indian Rupee Symbol Anjali-Meera-Font-Installer.exe or AnjaliOldLipi.ttf
Step by step guide to download and install Malayalam Font (Unicode) Anjali Old Lipi ( AnjaliOldLipi ).
  1. Please right click here and do save as from the dropdown menu.
  2. Save the Anjali Old Lipi with Indian Rupee Symbol font Installer ( Anjali&MeeraFontInstaller.exe ) to your computer.
  3. Run the Installer ( Anjali&MeeraFontInstaller.exe ) to install the anjalioldlipi font in your computer.
  4. Logout from Kerala Book Store.
  5. Close this Browser including all the tabs.
  6. Start Browser, now you should see malayalam.
  7. If you still have problem, then we recommend you to read this blog and do as described.
NB : Font will be taken into effect only after restarting your browser.

Download Other Malayalam Fonts (Unicode).
    [ Total 68 fonts, 50 CDAC fonts and 18 other fonts (Meera,Rachana,Raghu,Suruma,Thoolika etc.)]
Download Other Malayalam Fonts (ASCII).
    ( Total 140 fonts, 50 CDAC fonts and 90 other fonts)
 * credit goes to respective owners of fonts, CDAC fonts and ISM GIST software are available free from website.