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Dr Govind D

Dr. Govind Divakaran is born to Sri. P. G. Divakaran and Smt. N. T. Seethalakshmy in North Paravoor, Ernakulum Dist. of Kerala in 1983. He received his PhD from Indian institute of Technology Guwahati and is a noted researcher and a technical writer. He published more than 30 technical articles till date. “Riding Through the Himalayan Deserts” is his first travelogue. The book depicts his riding experience through the Ladakh region in Himalayas and will serve as an informative guide to those who are aspiring to explore Ladakh, the only cold desert in India. He is currently working as Assistant Professor in the Center for Computational Engineering at Amrita University, Coimbatore. Dr. Govind is married to Ms. Gayathri V.

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